What is conditioning


The term conditioning is thrown about the fitness industry, but what does it actually mean? 

What is conditioning?

Well… let us use a practical example to explain it.  Take for example look a 5K Parkrun.  In order for you to run a Parkrun which is a weekly event at your local park then you need to be able to produce enough force to propel you off the ground and forward which is one stride of a run, you need to be able to do this repeatedly over the fixed distance of 5K.  Meaning that our time too completion is dependent on the ability to produce enough energy constantly enough to propel you forward.  Too much power and we’ll run too fast and have to stop, not enough power and we’ll end up at the back with the tail walkers (that's a real thing, they have them there so you’ll never be last).  So conditioning is the amount of sustainable power used for a given event Or maximal sustainable power output.  

The amount of Maximal Sustainable Power required is really dependent on the specific event you are looking to do.  For example a powerlifter, Olympic Lifter etc are the types of events that are singular events and require huge amounts of power.  You perform a single explosive movement then have plenty or recovery before performing it again, this is a singular event.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have lower power sustained efforts such as triathlon, marathon running etc.  Sustained events are things that require a pretty consistent power output all the way through.  Then we have everyone and everything else, they sit along that scale requiring different amounts of power at varying amounts of times we call this combined efforts or multi-sprint events, for example, a Mixed Martial Artist fight is a bought of sustained aerobic power with bouts of highly explosive power that they then must recover from before another high amount of power.  Too much power and you’ll become tired and ultimately lose the fight.  If you don’t perform a particular sport or anything and having global fitness meaning you want to be aerobically conditioned and strong then you’ll you’ll fall right in-between the singular and sustained event people.  Typically you’ll lean slightly toward the single power (me) or the sustained due to your muscle type etc and that’s fine.  

So when we use the term conditioning we mean the maximal amount of sustained power for an event and what we want to do is improve the sustained power in order to run faster, further for longer or recover better in the case of combined events or be able to train harder in order to do more training work as the for the case of the single power athlete.  As you can see the amount and type of conditioning you need is really down to you and what your individual requirements are. 

For help with your conditioning, contact us and we’ll create and design an individually designed programme that suits your needs. 

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