Difference between exercise and training

Exercise is something your nan does down the church hall, or in a budget gym, or health club.  It's something the government tells you to do for half an hour a day, or whatever the guidelines say.  Training on the other hand has purpose, direction, meaning, and a goal.  You train to improve something like squatting, running, recover from an injury or whatever it is you do. 

When was the last time you heard an Olympian exercise for the Olympics, or a footballer exercising to be faster, more explosive, stronger or fitter.  If you want to achieve something, you train for it not exercise for it. 


“exercise is physical activity for the sake of it, and training is activity that has a specific purpose”



It's time to start training

Train towards a goal.  

Being healthier and fitter, although very good goals aren't specific.  Think of contributing factors to fitness, like cardiovascular endurance, strength, muscular endurance or flexibility.  Each training phase should focus on a specific aspect of fitness.  The trick is to work on one without letting the other drop in performance.


Training makes you focus on your weaknesses.

Exercising for the sake of it means that if you come across something you can't do, most personal trainers would simply encourage you to try something else.  However, if your training for something you'll simply have to get figure out what the issue is and improve upon it. Take the simple squat.  Although a predominately hip dominant exercise, research has shown that stronger hamstrings can increase your squat.  This means that once your in a phase where you can increase hamstring strength you should focus on it, then return to your squats to increase your personal best.  


Training is recorded.

You should be recording as much as you can.  As long as it's in a language you understand, it doesn't matter if it makes no sense to anyone else.  You can track progress, see what you did right before you hit that personal best deadlift.   Plan specific targets or workouts that you can measure against yourself, that way you can see how much you are improving, or see what areas you need to get better.  


FSTFitness is in the business of training.  We've had people come as casual exercisers, and some haven't made the transition from exercise to training while others have.  We are training you to be stronger, more flexible, aerobically fitter, more co-ordinated, and more powerful.  Ultimately you'll become the fittest version of yourself one training cycle at a time.