No mirrors in our gym


When you train at our Manchester based gym, you can guarantee we’ll never have any mirrors and you’ll see the reasons why bellow.

I’ve been asked countless times why I have no mirrors in the gym and there’s been plenty of people that have requested me to get mirrors in the gym, saying it’ll help people with technique and make space look bigger etc.  However, mirrors will never make into the gym and for some very good reasons, or at least they’re the reasons I’m giving which I can back up with decent logic.  Firstly and probably the least important thing is, they are god awful for space!!!  The moment a mirror is up everyone wants to stand infant of it claiming they are there to “check their form” what absolute bullshit!! Be honest you want to watch yourself workout, and fair enough as humans we are obsessed with how we look, don’t feel bad it’s part of what we do and who we are.  With a mirror, everyone piles in front of it and faces it, like its some sort of god we must face, completely forgetting there is another 1400 square foot to play around in.  So to stop people sharing a tiny space in front of the mirror and maximise the floor space, I chose not put up mirrors.   There is another reason for no mirrors and this is really the main one, and I’ll prove it.  You’ll need to read the following instructions then follow them, or have someone read them out for you.  Firstly, close your eyes, then with your eyes closed raise your right arm in the air towards the sky.  then take your index finger with your eyes closed and touch your nose. 

I would hope that most people can touch their nose, with their eyes closed without poking themselves in the eye.  If you can’t then, well… you are either doing it on purpose or perhaps you’ve got some pretty serious motor control issue.  Anyway, the point being is that we as humans are pretty damn clever at knowing where our limbs are in space we don’t need a constant reflection to tell us where our limbs are or how to bend, move and locate parts of our body.  

When we want to control our hips, for squatting, running, deadlifting and training etc we seem to struggle.  We struggle to move them to a location, know when our back is flat, how to engage our core, whilst lifting a leg, bracing for a tyre flip and such.  This has got nothing to do with mirrors but everything to do with the fact that we have become so neurologically impaired that some people have lost the ability to know where their body is in time and space and most importantly lost the ability to move it in a way that’ll be beneficial to them.  The simple ability to hinge the hips over bending from the lower back has turned into a real challenge for some.  The argument for mirrors to see if you're are doing it correctly really falls down for me, because as a human you should be able to feel and control where you are in space, not having to check in with a mirror to make sure you are where you think you are.  I fully appreciate that this is hard and a skill itself, but getting help with this is where good coaching comes in, that’s the difference between here and other gyms, we or I have to train you to know where your body is there’s no hiding for you or for me, I have to do my job as a coach and you have to listen and learn and if one of us isn’t doing that then progress starts to be hindered.  So if your coach or PT constantly stands you in front of mirrors to check your technique they really aren't, in my opinion, doing their jobs correctly, they're hindering your progress to develop.