Remote Training


Individually designed programming and world class coaching direct to your phone whilst you train anywhere around the globe.

Train on your schedule

Because all your training sessions come direct to your phone via Truecoach you can train anytime, anywhere. All the workouts come complete with full instructions you’ll know exactly what to do when and how.

A programme designed for you

We design all programmes around you, your lifestyle, current fitness levels and goals. Firstly we’ll assess your current fitness levels and create a programme for you from the feedback we get from the assessment. We’ll then review, reassess and re-prescribe you with a brand new programme every 4 to 6 weeks with a catch up half way through to make sure you are going in the right direction.

Constant contact

Just because you aren’t training at the gym doesn’t mean your coach isn’t with you. With Truecoaches in built messaging system we can discuss any sessions or any exercise you want. You’ll even be able to send picture and video for your coach to view and provide feedback.

We work together to craft a training programme that motivates you, challenges you and works around your schedule.  We can train you to be stronger, fitter, run faster, climb higher and go further no matter your location.

Deft Motion remote training allows you to follow our world class strength and conditioning programme from any where in the world using our online app. We'll tell what to do, when to do it and, with video, we'll show how. 

You'll have constant contact with your coach via the in built messaging service aswell as email and Skype conversations to make sure you and your training are going in the direction we want it too.  The app also supports the ability to send video, text and images allowing you to send video or images of your training for technique support. 

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With remote coaching, you will:

  • Take the uncertainty out of your training by knowing exactly where you’re headed and what to do next
  • Be held accountable by your coach, who will motivate you and support your path
  • Have a coaches eyes on your weekly results and regularly review your programming so it evolves with your achievements
  • Enjoy an engaging, challenging program created just for you!

Step 1 : Book your assessment and consultation where we'll run through a physical assessment and see where you are right now and we'll discuss goals, injuries and training history.  We'll ask you to follow our assessment and film it, you'll then send it to us via WhatsApp. 

Step 2 : We'll then build your programme upload it to Fitbot our online app where you'll have access to your programme, be able to send images, video and track your results.  

Step 3 : Your coach will provide your weekly program via Fitbot, which will have all your exercises, demo videos, and places to record your results and write down notes or questions – you’ll always know exactly what to do.  Your coach will also review your weekly results and videos and adjust your program accordingly – your program evolves with you.  Every month, you’ll have a 30 minute consultation with your coach via Zoom (video conference) to review progress and videos, look at food journals, assess goals, and discuss ongoing expectations.

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