Clean and Jerk Workshop - 15.11.18

Clean and Jerk Workshop - 15.11.18


By the end of the workshop you’ll have a clear understanding of how to perform the clean and jerk movement.

Clean and Jerk Workshop 15.11.09

  • Suitable for complete beginners

  • People who have tried but need further help with technique

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Learn how to clean and jerk in Manchester with Olympic weightlifting coach, Danny Holland. Over this two hour interactive clean and jerk workshop he'll teach you how to perform these explosive lifts with confidence and perfect technique.

Suitable for beginners

You’ll learn the movement from the ground up, so you can throw out those bad habits and skilfully clean and jerk both safely as well as efficiently. This workshop is a great opportunity check in with an experienced coach, improve your technique, learn how to break out of a plateau or just learn something new altogether! 

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn from the ground up with an introduction to the aims and objectives of the lift, followed by a group warm up and skill practice. You’ll then be able to practice the skill with additional weight if you feel and the coach feels you are ready.

When is it?

The 15th of November with limited spaces so please book in advance


Do I need to know how to do the lift?

Absolutely not, we coach from the ground up meaning you don’t need any previous experience

I’ve done bits but nothing serious is this for me?

Yes this is for you. If you have a little bit of previous experience this is great because we can help iron out some technical issues that might really help you progress.

Do i need to bring anything specifically for the course.

No just yourself, some water and a sweater because it gets a bit cold in there.

Any further questions please feel free to get in touch.