6 week core stability programme

6 week core stability programme


A strong core is the foundation of all movements

In just 6 weeks this easy to follow core programme will help you build a strong and stable core - one that’ll help you run, swim, ride, jump and perform with increased efficiency and peace of mind.

  • Easy to follow

  • Train at home

  • Demo videos with every exercise

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3 guided phases

each with a specific goal in mind. Because the intensity gradually increases, these phases seamlessly roll into one and other.

We start off building solid foundations. If phase feels easy, that’s okay, keep with it - this will give you change to really focus on the movements and correct form - as with correct form even the simplest of movements can be challenging!

Phase 2 really doubles down on the strength training of the core, which prepares the body for the the final phase.

Phase 3 final phase trains you use your new found strength in more complex movements. This will help prevent injuries, and progress your core training onto more demanding exercises and help you transfer you core strength to other physical activities

Easy to follow

Our easy to follow layout includes simple instructional videos of every exercise so you can be confident, whether in the gym or at home, that you’ll know exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. Simply follow the sessions as prescribed and invest a small portion of time to see results.

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Just 30 minutes

Each session is just 30 to 40 minutes, and the programmes is 4 session a week. You can do other training with this programme, although we suggest that you prioritise this programme for its duration to get the best results. You can do this by placing these core sessions at the start of any other planned workouts, and reduce the regularity/volume/intensity of your additional workout where possible.


Can I keep the programme once completed?

The programme is delivered as a PDF. Once downloaded it’s yours to keep forever and to use again and again!

Who’s the programme good for?

  • Core and hip stability will benefit but not limited too

    • Runners

    • Cyclists

    • Triathletes

    • Martial artists

    • Fitness athletes

    • Anyone suffering from Illiotibial band pain or

    • Lower back pain

The core stability programmes main purpose is to build foundational core strength. With this further core exercises will be more effective and you should perform better at your chosen physical discipline, too. In short - it’s great for everyone who wants to develop their core!

How long does it take?

The programme takes 6 weeks to complete and is progressive in nature, meaning each exercise will progress to a slightly harder version of it’s self.

Can I train at home or do I need a gym membership?

This programme can easily be completed at home - there’s no need to have a gym membership. However, if you do want to do it at the gym it’s easy to follow there, too.

What happens if I skip a session?

Don’t panic if you miss one it’s not the end of the world, but ideally you’d go back and complete the skipped session. If you skip a week go back and complete the week. We advise to try and follow it as closely as you can, but we understand life happens so just do your best.