All Girl Lifting Club

Weight lifting coaching for women in Manchester who want to get fit, strong and confident



Join the All Girl Lifting Club for our beginners weightlifting for women weekend!

You'll spend two days with our expert strength and conditioning coach alongside a cohort of supportive women learning everything you need to lift weights safety, efficiently and with confidence. We'll teach you how to squat, deadlift, press and pull as well as loads of other weight lifting essentials. By end of this two day course you'll know how to perform all of the main exercises needed to strength train with confidence.


This beginners weightlifting course is designed for COMPLETE beginners. So even if you've never touched a weight before you’ll get a long just fine. If you have some experience, of strength training or fitness, you'll find learning from the ground up will highlight where you've picked up bad habits - and we can help you correct those!

What to expect

The sessions are a mixture of practical and theory, with lots of space for asking questions and making mistakes along the way. Our teaching style is pretty informal, and we’re a friendly and approachable bunch. You’ve come to learn and we think the best way to do this is for you to have fun and give you space to be yourself - these things are top on our agenda!

We want to make sure you leave with direction as well as skills, which is why we give you a free 6 week programme at the end of the weekend.

Women's deadlift


Saturday 12/01/19  : 10am - 3pm

Sunday 13/01/19 : 10am - 3pm

|| Investment for the FULL two day course ||

Early bird (before 28th Dec) - £45

Standard - £60

*Spaces are limited to ensure you get all the 1-2-1 support you need

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Take a look at our schedule below to see whats going on!



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Your Coach and Co.

Danny Holland

Danny Holland

Danny's earn his stripes over his 10+ year career as a strength and conditioning coach. He’s a man on a mission to redefine what it is to be a fit, and he's not afraid to go against the grain of what is an all too often unhealthy, image focused fitness industry.

He’s been an athlete himself for as long as he can remember which gives him a unique edge as a coach. He trains all levels - beginners, amateur athletes as well as Olympic medalists. Danny won’t sugar coat things, but that doesn’t mean he’s a git. He’s an approachable coach who you know is always on your side, and if you bring your dog to the gym you’ll quickly become his favorite. Just sayin’.


Beth Leivers

Beth Leivers

Beth is Deft Motion's resident Yogini. She has a huge passion for helping women to achieve their potential. She's big into lifting, and believes nothing builds strength quite as well as smashing negative misconceptions - especially those in our own head.

She helps manage our growing All Girl Lifting Club community, and can be easily lead astray by cookie dough or brownies. 


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In world that's hell bent on claiming women are weak, we'll just be over here proving them wrong. And, the moment you get a glimpse of what an untapped powerhouse you are, is the moment you will realise that the world has been telling a you lie. It's not that you can't - it's that you haven't, YET.

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