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Sports therapy

Sports Therapy

In partnership with 3D therapy


Sports therapy

Sports Therapy

In partnership with 3D therapy



Deep tissue sports massages can help reduce the risk of injury, speed up recovery and prepare you for competition or training.  It's a highly underestimated tool that should be part of anybody's physical maintenance protocol.



A remedy that is traditionally found in Chinese medicine with proven success in treating conditions such as tight muscles and chronic pain, Acupuncture is a treatment that involves the gentle insertion of needles into the skin in key ‘acupuncture points’ that depend on the condition



Cupping is an ancient alternative therapy involving the use of plastic or glass cups to create suction onto the patients skin which lifts up the layers of soft tissue. Traditionally in Chinese medicine cupping was used to draw out bad energy ‘Qi’ from the blood stream. It is commonly used alongside other treatment modalities such as acupuncture.
The modern approach to cupping focuses more on its effects on the soft tissue structures (Eg. muscle, fascia). With massage the soft tissues are compressed and stretched whereas with cupping they lifted up and stretched.

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Treat the cause of the injury


Treat the cause of the injury

We treat but are not limited too

Back & Neck pain

sports injuries 

Muscle strains

Ligament injuries


Chronic pain



Contact via WhatsApp with your enquiry and we'll get you scheduled in to see us.



We'll then run a full body assessment to establish the cause of your injury, pain and discomfort, provide treatment and home exercises.  




If However your initial consultation and treatment isn't enough, we'll then provide follow up treatments and provide you with further exercises to perform at home. 

Additional sessions


The amount of treatments can't be prescribed, but we try and keep them to a minimum and some instances injuries can be treated with just 1 treatment.  However, it's important you perform your rehabilitation exercises to reduce the risk of a return visit.



Unit 1 Crown Industrial Estate

Poland Street 



M4 6BN 


Email: info@dftmtn.com

WhatsApp: 0773578679

We work in partnership with 3D therapy LTD.  A duo of highly trained and experienced sports therapists, who have worked with a huge variety of sports including rugby and roller derby.


If you'd like to learn more about 3D therapy follow the link here, were you'll be directed to their website which will open in another window