Our programme is designed to improve efficiency and increase work capacity.  We do this by increasing strength, power and aerobic capacity using a multi disciplinary approach.  

We use Olympic and power lifting protocols to develop strength and power, Metabolic resistance training and high intensity interval training to increase aerobic capacity.  We use kettlebells and dumbbells for variation and unilateral strength and control, and yoga, pilates, gymnastics, pre and rehab exercises to improve mobility.  We also use training books, stop watches and other tools to monitor training progression and keep intensity high.  We don’t believe in movements performed poorly to hit a squat depth or beat the clock.  We believe good quality movement performed efficiently using percentages of 1 rep max and body weight, will allow you to progress and train safely providing you with enough mental capacity to work to a high standard, stay focused and push yourself.  Our methods have won olympic medals, returned athletes to sport from injury, helped people with chronic illness, pain and dysfunction and helped people across the country to be stronger, fitter, healthier and happier. 

Deft Motion challenges the standard of fitness in the belief that any individual that is motivated enough can achieve more, regardless of experience and level.