Deft Motion is a gym, training method and ideology to help people and athletes to perform to their very best.  it's a programme that requires you to listen, respond, fuel and respect your body, learn to do this and you’ll reign supreme not over others but over yourself. #REIGNSUPREME


Founded by Danny Holland, a sports scientist, strength and conditioner and ex-athlete who believed the standard of fitness across public, athletes and services to be simply not high enough.  With a decade of experience, Danny found that, most people including athletes and service men and woman simply aren’t strong or conditioned enough for their jobs, sport and life.  The current training regime prescribed by personal trainers, gyms and government is one of superficial aesthetics and low intensity fitness which will work to a mediocre level and produce mediocre results.  


Our mission is to raise the standard of fitness meaning, you’ll be happier, stronger, fitter, healthier, be able to try, learn and play new sports.  You should be able to run 10k and 5k at reasonable pace whenever your heart desires, be strong enough to lift over your own body weight on all major lifts, Deadlift, Clean, Squat, Press, combine this with mindful nutrition meaning you’ll be able to listen to your body and eat whats right for you at a level that meets satisfaction and delvers all the nutritional demands your body requires. leaving you feeling, strong, athletic and healthy.